Meet UnifyWork: Nick Seritti, Director of Cloud Operations

In honor of Father's Day this week, we're shining the spotlight on one of our dedicated team members and hard working dads at UnifyWork, Nick Seritti. As the Director of Cloud Operations, Nick plays a crucial role in ensuring the seamless functioning of our platform. But his journey in the technology industry and his dedication to both his career and family are what truly make him stand out.

A Lifelong Love for Technology: Nick's Career Journey

Nick's passion for technology was instilled in him from an early age. “I was born into computer technology! My father was a COBOL programmer for mainframes and I was using computers since I could reach the keyboard. I’ve always loved gaming which evolved into building my own PC’s which naturally led to working in the industry.”

Joining UnifyWork: Embracing a Meaningful Mission

What inspired Nick to join UnifyWork was not only the opportunity to work with familiar faces but also the organization's deep and meaningful mission. Having previously worked with Stephen McHale, the founder of UnifyWork, Nick was excited to be part of a company that aimed to drive change in the workforce by promoting inclusivity and reducing bias in the hiring process.

Fostering a Unique Company Culture

When describing the company culture at UnifyWork, Nick emphasizes the values of trust and open communication. “I’ve never worked anywhere else that seemed to value the input of every member of the organization in the way UnifyWork does.”

For Nick, the most rewarding aspect of working at UnifyWork is knowing that the company's goal is to improve the lives of everyday people. UnifyWork strives to ensure that every job seeker, regardless of their background, has access to a network that links them to employers who value their skills. The platform empowers individuals to target their skills, enhancing their chances of career growth and advancement.

The Power of the UnifyWork Platform: Nick's Favorite Feature

One standout feature of the UnifyWork platform, according to Nick, is its ability to transform the traditional job search and hiring process into an open marketplace.”Nobody likes the traditional process of applying for jobs or finding candidates for their open positions,” Nick states. UnifyWork streamlines the process, helping candidates find work they can and want to do, and employers find new talent they won't see elsewhere.

Proud Moments and Words of Wisdom

Reflecting on his career, Nick takes pride in the knowledge he has gained over the years. Witnessing the evolution of technology has been a fascinating journey, and he remains passionate about staying at the forefront of industry advancements. When asked what advice he would give to his younger self Nick emphasizes the importance of embracing criticism as he states,Learn to take criticism as an opportunity to gain better insight and develop new strengths.” 

Navigating the Work-Life Maze: Nick's Insights on Balancing Life's Demands

As a dedicated working father, Nick understands the challenges of balancing work and home life. He provides a glimpse into his experience stating, “As someone who has always taken great pride in their work, I can say that it pales in comparison to the pride I feel for my kids. I can easily say that being a parent is both the most difficult and most rewarding experience I've ever had. Balance in both areas of life is also challenging, one or both areas always seem to require a little extra, however I've found that being able to rely on your team at work, and your partner at home is the key to making things work. Nobody can do it alone.

Advice for Working Fathers

Nick's advice for other working fathers navigating the demands of family life and a career is simple yet profound: Love what you do. Find happiness and accomplishment in the little things. Share your successes across both areas of your life.”

As we celebrate Father's Day, we extend our appreciation to Nick and all the hard working fathers out there who strive to balance their careers and family life. Their dedication and commitment are truly inspiring. Thank you for all you do. Happy Father's Day from the team at UnifyWork!