Meet UnifyWork: Gail Spahar, Executive Coordinator


Getting Started in her Career

Gail's career began right after she graduated from high school, when she landed her first job at IBM. She was hired after her first interview and grew with the company for many years before eventually joining UnifyWork.

Inspiration to Join UnifyWork

When asked about what inspired her to join UnifyWork, Gail stated that she believes in the mission of the organization and thinks it's vital to the growth of Cleveland. She sees UnifyWork as a tool that can help college graduates find a career they are passionate about.

Unifying Success with Gail

At UnifyWork, Gail describes the company culture as a team that works well together to get things done and makes things happen. Gail's favorite part of working at UnifyWork is the great team she works with, and the fact that everyone plays a role in the business. Being a small company, Gail enjoys the fact that she gets to do a lot of different jobs.

When it comes to the UnifyWork platform, Gail's favorite feature is the chat feature. This tool allows her to easily communicate and collaborate with users.

Breaking Barriers: Career Advice From Gail

Gail is a dedicated employee who is proud to have worked for 45 years and is still enjoying every minute of it. When asked about what piece of advice she would give to her younger self, Gail's response was, "Don't let anyone tell you can't do it. Show them wrong and do it."

The Woman Behind The Role

There's one thing people might be surprised to find out about Gail - she never went to college. Despite this, she's been able to achieve success and build a fulfilling career through hard work and dedication. When she’s outside of work, Gail loves to spend time with her two beautiful granddaughters and is currently binge-watching Succession.

On Administrative Professionals Day, we'd like to recognize and thank Gail for her dedication to UnifyWork and the invaluable contributions she makes to our team.