About Us

Unify Jobs, invented in Cleveland, for Cleveland

Unify Jobs is a person-centric platform technology company that spun out of the venture philanthropy tech innovation center, Unify Labs in 2021. The mission of Unify Labs is to power inclusive prosperity. A key driver of inclusive prosperity is access to a livable wage job. By studying the top 50 MSA’s in the country and collaborating with local employers, Unify discovered that the traditional hiring process used by employers of all sizes, industries, and geographies across the country is inherently biased and ineffective, creating barriers that keep millions of people from getting livable wage jobs for which they have the skills and interests to succeed.

To make the hiring process more accessible, equitable, and effective for job seekers and employers, Unify introduced their patented application, FlashHired. FlashHired is a virtual hiring marketplace that engages all job seekers and especially supports under-resourced and underrepresented people in getting access to livable wage jobs. FlashHired does this through a skills and interests-based profile that eliminates biased resumes, job applications, and extended interviewing processes. The system leverages the BLS O*Net labor architecture. By providing job seekers and employers with data-driven matches and the ability to negotiate wages, people have greater opportunities to secure, stay, grow, and succeed in careers they may never have realized were the best for them.

What we believe is possible…

Our vision is full and fair employment in the Cleveland region. We’ve committed to this vision because employment is a driver of individual and systemic prosperity. Full and fair employment means everyone in the region who can work, connects with work they want that fits their skills, interests, and aspirations. That means shifting the system overall, not just making incremental changes in aspects of the system.

To reach full and fair employment, we are replacing the chaos, friction, and inequality in hiring with effective, data-driven, and equitable hiring. We facilitate the matching of workers and employers for more successful employment that benefits individual workers and organizations overall.