UnifyWork technology powers the formation of intelligent workforce networks

Enabling educators and employers to network in meeting the needs of our dynamically changing economy.

UnifyWork is the only career intelligence technology bringing the workforce together equitably through its patented skill-based matching technology.  

We're unlocking new career pathways to livable wages while creating a sustainable talent pipeline. 

Job Seekers

Get the right job & wage, right now

UnifyWork is your all-in-one resource to find jobs and build your skills. Find the right role based on your interests and skill set with employers that believe in the power of equity in the workplace. Plus - you don’t need a resume to get started.

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Find talent fast & equitably

Finding skilled, local talent no longer requires wasting time reviewing resumes, or needs to cost a fortune through advertising and staffing firms. UnifyWork does the heavy-lifting, delivering pre-screened talent - at a fraction of the cost.


Match students to job market demand

Create the right curricula  and scale your student services to align your students to in-demand jobs, and attract new students with courses they need to succeed.